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Learning Objectives

The learning objectives of the MSPME are to enable students to:

  • Develop detailed knowledge of contemporary and pervasive issues in strategic project management from both academic and professional perspectives.
  • Develop a significant range of principal and specialist skills, techniques and practices in the domains of strategy and project management.
  • Critically examine, evaluate and reflect upon different research perspectives and techniques used in the areas of strategic project management.
  • Conduct original and empirical research on a strategic project management topic and present this in the form of a Masters level thesis, demonstrating extensive, detailed and critical understanding of that topic
  • Develop effective communication skills and work efficiently with colleagues and academic staff in a variety of tasks, demonstrating extensive appropriate levels of autonomy and responsibility.
  • Enhance ability to work effectively in multicultural teams and manage diversity and multiculturalism.

Furthermore we aim to enhance students:

  • Employability through development of strategic awareness and transferable skills, particularly in leadership, teamwork, communication, negotiation, conflict resolution and presentation.
  • Ability to develop skills to conduct and publish original research and disseminate this to the academic and industrial communities, thus contributing to the wider field of study.
  • Competency to contribute to the formation and implementation of an organisation’s competitive strategy within the public and private sectors, particularly within turbulent and growing environments and economic uncertainty and opportunity.
  • Ability to facilitate strategic change within dynamic internal and external organisational environments, with potential to add value economically and socially by creating synergies between parties.
  • International networks for future employment, collaboration, knowledge exchange and partnership arrangements.


On completion students, will be on awarded a Master of Science in Strategic Project Management as well as a Master of Science in Business Administration.